Security+ Training Online | Lab | VMWare Workstation (Part 1 of 7)

vmware workstation Feb 19, 2018

Alright, so we've been talking about virtualization for a while but how would you acutally like to get some hands on experience with it?

Alright, so in this training lesson, you're going to learn how to setup VMWare Workstation on your computer.  This will lay the groundwork for the other lessons coming up.

Here's what you will learn today and over the next six lessons:

  1. How to Setup VMWare Workstation
  2. How to Download Kali Linux for your hacking lab
  3. How to Install Kali Linux from scratch (step-by-step)
  4. How to Configure Kali Linux (you know, how to pimp out the interface)
  5. How to Legally Download and Install Windows 10 for Free
  6. How to Install VMware Tools (open-vm-tools) in Kali Linux
  7. How to share folders with your VM

This is going to be crazy fun but you need to follow all the training lessons in order to get the most out of them.

Oh yeah, and the best part is I have created training videos that walk you through the entire process for each of these lessons.

After watching these videos and going through these lessons you will have a fully functioning hacking lab ready so you can began getting real hands on experience for the Security+ exam.

Downloading VMWare Workstation 

Alright, so first things first - let's get VMWare Workstation.  This is the best Type II hypervisor right now and you can download a free trial for free (yes, I was intentionally redundant).

You can download the VMWare Workstation Type II hypervisor on the VMWare Workstation right here.

Make sure you click "Download Free Trial" under the Product Resources section in the upper right corner of the screen.

If you click "Go to Downloads" midway down the page along the right edge, you'll be forced to register... ugh.

Installing VMWare Workstation

Now we just need to install VMWare Workstation.  You can pretty much just Next, Next, Finish your way through the installation wizard.

Once it finishes you'll see the VMWare Workstation main application where we will be creating our Kali Linux VM.

You can watch a quick video demonstration of everything I did here on our YouTube channel.  I've included an embed of the video below:

 After watching the video, go ahead and subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can be the first to get the latest video content from SecurityPlusPro.

Coming Up

Tomorrow I'll teach you how to setup Kali Linux in your lab. In the meantime, go ahead and scroll down and leave a comment if you ran into any problems.  


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