Security+ Training Online | Cyber-security Goals (3 of 3)

availability Jan 15, 2018

The last time we got together we talked about data integrity.  Make sure you brush up on that one really fast. (if you haven't look at it)

It's a short read but it's critical because it lays the foundation for everything else you're going to learn in this training.

Today I want to talk to you about Data Availability.  This is the third reason business leaders and organizations have cyber security and information security programs and it'll round out our mini-series on cyber security goals. 

Are you Available?

Imagine you're hanging out with a few of your buddies in the local bar and a stunning girl glides in and sits right next to you.  She orders a glass of wine and then turns her head in your direction and mesmerizes you with her looks.   

Her elegance and beauty almost makes you barf up your beer.

So understandably, you're nervous. In fact your legs are visibly shaking and your throat is getting a little dry but you somehow cough up...

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