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confidentiality Jan 01, 2018

What's up! So let's start your mission to earning your Security+ certification with some basic security goals.

Whenever we start talking about information security we always need to begin with core security goals.  We need to ask what's the real purpose of information security?

Have you every thought about that? Why do passwords, encryption and backups even exist?

Welcome to the CIA

Almost everything in cyber-security boils down to three concepts:

  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Availability

Remember it like this: CIA. 

I drew a little graphic below to help you with a visual:

Businesses and organizations usually try to apply one or more of these security goals to their security infrastructure.  The specific cases where a business uses these goals are known as use cases

In this quick post, I'm going to share three use cases for Confidentiality.  In the next post we'll talk about Integrity and then we'll wrap up our little series with Availability.

So what is...

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