n00b To Ninja

Think You Understand The Basics?

One of the questions we often see goes like this: "Do I need to pass the CompTIA Network+ exam before taking the Security+?"

Now this is an excellent question because, although the Security+ exam doesn't have any prerequisites it is still highly recommended that all students have a firm understanding of basic networking technologies.  

The n00b to Ninja course is a great prep tool to get you mentally and psychologically ready to tackle the Security+ exam.

What You Will Learn

  • Networking Basics from the ground up (everything everyone already THINKS you know but you know you don't)
  • Routers and Switches - what they really do and why we need them
  • All about DHCP - it's not just about automatically getting an IP address
  • BONUS: DHCP penetration testing attacks to show you how an attacker might abuse DHCP on a local area network
  • DNS from A to Z.  After this lecture you will finally completely understand what DNS is, why we have it and how it really works. All secrets revealed.
  • ARP: Have you ever wondered why we have both MAC addresses and IP Addresses?  Have you been confused about this?  After this lecture you'll know why we need both (Hint: 90% of IT professionals don't even know the answer to this basic question - but you will after completing this lecture)
  • You'll learn all about IP addresses - we'll break it down to the binary level and show you how to convert between binary and decimal and back again
  • You'll learn the purpose of the Subnet Mask and how (and why) to Subnet Networks - it's a lot easier than you think
  • All about NAT - the greatest inhibitor to innovation but also the reason the internet hasn't collapsed on itself!  IT people like to throw this term around but you'll finally GET it - it'll just make sense after you finish this lecture.
  • All about ports - what are ephemeral ports, well known ports - why we have ports - all that jazz 
  • WAN technologies - we'll take a step back and look at the internet at large and how routing protocols work.

Here's what this course will do for you

The purpose of this course is really simple: to give you the confidence you need to pass the Security+ exam.

Sure you're going to have fun along the way, and sure you can use these skills to stay in your current job and be a more competent employee but we designed this course to spring-board your entry into the exam. 

Once you know the fundamentals taught in this course you'll not only be better prepared but also eager to begin your studies for the Security+ exam.   

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

To make your decision easier, we have a 30 day money back guarantee.  This means you can test drive the product for 30 days and then cancel without any questions asked.  We want you to succeed and we think this is one of the best ways to assure that happens.

So what are you waiting for?  Sign-up today!